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Why PCI?

Our Founder and CEO, Christopher Bulin, spent nearly 20 years working in merchant services. He worked hand in hand with small-to-medium-sized businesses to reduce the costs of accepting credit cards. 


The problem arose when merchants he was working with kept getting hit with PCI non-compliance fees or genereal PCI compliance fees yet no solution was being offered to aide them. It was and still is a check-the-box approach.

Even worse than the fees that were being charged to his merchants, was the idea that so many merchants like his customers were susceptible to fraud and cybersecurity attacks due to the lack of resources to become cybersecure or compliance with the requirements.

So what is PCI compliance?


PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, essentially the "Protection of Customer's Information." It's compliance is required for all merchants who store, process or transmit cardholder data. Here are its biggest issues: 

  1. Small-to-medium-sized business understanding the industry jargon is almost impossible unless you have some security background.

  2. Small-to-medium-sized businesses are under-resourced, meaning they do not have the staff or funds to get secure or understand the complexities involved.

  3. 80% of businesses cannot and do not meet the requirements to become and stay PCI Compliant. 


Think about that 8 out of 10 businesses you purchase or run transactions with do not have the capabilities to secure "Your" information. 

That is until now. Proven PCI is ready to democratize the cost to become secure and and make it simple for small to medium businesses to stay compliant.

Working Together with Great Partners

In the past, it was almost impossible for credit card processors, sales organizations, and sponsor banks to know that their business customers complied with payment card industry requirements. Becoming compliant was confusing, complicated, time-consuming, and expensive for their business customers.

All that has changed. The Software as a Service (SaaS) application of Proven PCI, Inc. is now available for the Payments Industry. It is a cloud-based product that does not require merchants to purchase expensive hardware to become compliant.


Using this SaaS, if you are a credit card processor, sponsor bank, or other sales organization, you can validate whether your small to medium-sized business customers meet the payment card industry compliance requirements for consumer credit card data protection. Click here to get started. You will view the demo, schedule a call with the CEO, and review the Affiliate Partner Agreement before you begin the subscription program.

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